I’m a programmer. I love my job, seriously. I create things – software – to make people’s job easier. It’s awesome when they’re trying it for the first time and they look at you all starry-eyed while they say “thank you, I like it. it’s just what I needed.”

I’m lucky: I have a job that’s all about thinking and being creative. “What do you need, sir? Well, I’ll put everything on my side to make it real”. I have to create a solution. I have to found the best way of doing it, using the tools I have.

Sometimes, people ask you what, at first sight, seem impossible things. But nothing is impossible – let’s get more cliché: the sky is the limit. It’s a challenge. And that’s the magic about this: making impossible things real.

But that’s the hard part too: you’re not inspired all the time.

(originalmente lo había escrito en mi tumblr y me dio fiaquita traducirlo)

pd. justamente ahora estoy muy poco inspirada.